AI Website Redesign

Company Overview

GroundLevel Insights utilizes a proprietary AI and business intelligence engine to provide the industry standard for demand-side consumer location intelligence and data analytics propelling our clients in making “enlightened business decisions”.

Groundlevel Insights wants to be seen as a trusted and respected partner in their client’s journey towards becoming the top agile data-driven organization or business in their industry. All digital assets should reflect Groundlevel Insights’ vision. 

Unique Challenges

The main challenge Groundlevel Insights faces is combating the impersonal and cold social perceptions around AI. GLI seeks to portray their friendly, energetic, and sincere tone of voice and brand character throughout GLI’s digital media.

Their previous design did not show the personable or playful side of Groundlevel Insights. The design was too information dense and reserved, making the site uninviting to the majority of GLI’s target audiences. The technical language used may make the user feel unintelligent, frustrated, or simply that the services & products that GLI offers are not for them.

In this case study I will outline the steps I took to reach the choices I made to improve the website.

Original Site


Heuristic Analysis

A heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently. Heuristic evaluation  is a method for finding the usability problems in a user interface so that they can be attended to as part of an iterative design process. 

After conducting a heuristic analysis myself, and consolidating the findings of my partners, I was able to point to specific areas of opportunity and take these opportunities into account for the final design.

Competitor Analysis

Groundlevel Insights offers all of the services of their competitors in the AI space, plus Location Intelligence as their Unique Selling Point.

Market Research

I did secondary research, relying on credible industry reports & government sources for each of the 5 verticals that Groundlevel Insights are focusing on. The following summaries are my findings broken down by market.

One of the most important trends for the food and beverage industry is that consumers are making purchase decisions based on what makes them feel safe.

Groundlevel Insights can work together with the food and beverage industry to provide transparency about business practices, so businesses can communicate their safety efforts more effectively through both story-telling and hard facts.

Groundlevel Insights can assist the entertainment sector by providing data that will streamline their operating models for efficiency and effectiveness, while taking a more nuanced approach to customer engagement.

In regards to the travel industry, research suggests a trend of pent-up demand once restrictions lift.
Groundlevel Insights can help those in Travel & Tourism be poised for the imminent boom.

What AI offers to governments can be classified into three categories:

  1. Savings due to improved operational efficiency
  2. New and improved services
  3. More data driven decision making

GLI is currently one of the only businesses providing location-based, customer data insight and recommendation solutions from the cannabis industry. There are great opportunities to help these businesses grow as the cannabis market expands.

As consumers have come to expect a higher level of personalization and safety in their shopping experience, retailers have been more inclined to collect and analyze data, such as location and social sentiment, to strengthen the typical customer lifetime value and touchpoints.

In-store, operation-based analytics has become an indispensable part of a brick-and-mortar retailer’s operating strategy. With benefits ranging from offering the right product to the right customer, further insight on loyal customers leads to the development of strategies to increase customer stickiness.

SEO Audit

The tool Screaming Frog SEO Spider 14.3 was used to conduct an audit for Groundlevel Insights. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that extracts data & flags common issues. The Spider crawls sites like Googlebot discovering hyperlinks in the HTML using a breadth-first algorithm. It uses a configurable hybrid storage engine, able to save data in RAM and disk to crawl even large websites. 

After running Spider 14.3 I was able to review and interpret the raw data in order to provide insight into the shortcomings of the current website to ensure the new design exceeds these results.


Design Choices

With a better understanding of the AI space GLI is apart of, and the pain points their target audiences are currently facing, I made several purposeful decisions to improve the overall experience of

Site Map

The first and most important change I made was the siloing the specific industries into their own pages. I believe this would be an effective way to improve discoverability for visitors. By having a page that can speak to each of their vertical’s pain points GLI will be better able to show sympathy and value.

Style Guide

GLI provided a Brand Book that outlined colours, font, logo usage, mood board & tone of voice. On the moodboard there was a statement, “We will mostly try to use pictures of real people – if possible on the move/in action.” This sparked most of my inspiration for the aesthetic design. Each element listed below was chosen to either reinforce the idea of forward motion, or combat the impersonal sentiments towards AI.

Colour Zones:
GLI has an energetic and playful colour pallet. I decided to take advantage of the colour range by using it purposefully and with intention throughout the site.

Too many colours can be overwhelming, but by settling on the primary blue tone throughout, and then zoning by using a different secondary colour for each industry I was able to paint the theme throughout the website.


Gradients were used throughout the design to bring dimension to the page. The other benefit gradients bring to GLI is that they look more natural to our eye, nothing in nature is a solid colour, by incorporating gradients I was able to soften the rigid ideas users have towards AI.


Another element I wanted to carry throughout my designs is the concept of the next section of the page peeking out above the fold. This was done to pique (pun intended) the curiosity of the user and signify that if you don’t have your answers yet, there is more to discover.

Industry Pages

All containers on are set to a 50px radius. Similar to the psychology behind gradients, rounded corners are found in the natural world, where hard corners are a lot less common. Rounded corners are considered friendlier and can help us process information more easily because they allow our eyes to easily follow lines. These smooth lines, paired with the 5° slants brings the user’s eye down the page.

Use of Motion:

Several elements in my design were included to convey a sense of motion. This speaks to both the forward motion of technology, and the people in motion that GLI collects its analytics on. Above is an example of the playful “splash” shape that has been carried throughout the design & below is a modern hover-over (or click on mobile) slide effect.

Hello, I am a playful slide effect!

User Experience Design


As previously mentioned, my initial idea for Groundlevel Insights revolved around the idea of conveying motion. With this in mind, my first wireframes involved sliders with images for each of the verticals GLI intended to target. Each image would pop-out upon a hover-over with a CTA.

A mid-fidelity mockup was created from these initial wireframes. At this stage the sliders became smaller, and the Splash was introduced. Out of 3 concepts, mine was chosen by the client to move forward with.


The final prototype consisted of over a dozen pages, and each was made to show desktop & mobile views.

I designed the Homepage, the 6 Industry pages, About Us, and About Our Team.

About Us