Twitch Streamer Branding Guide

Sputnick2354 eats, sleeps, and breaths the macabre, 1990s throw-backs, and of course, video games.
She is excited to make authentic connections with others who share her passions through encouraging live chat, collaborative puzzle solving, and interacting with her viewers. Sputnick2354 has an easy going and welcoming demeanor and aims to be accessible to markets ignored by conventional video game culture, mainly: PoC and women.

Project Overview

I consider this project a fun passion project that will have ongoing iterations for as long as Sputnick2354 decides to stream.

I begun this project by meeting with the stakeholder to find out what she wanted to achieve with her brand image. Through discussion a picture was drawn of who Sputnick2354 is and how her Twitch channel will operate; this is a down-to-earth channel geared towards a 25+ crowd. The challenge for this project would be how to convey a charismatic streamer’s personality and passions to potential viewers.

Stakeholder Interview
In order to kick-off this project I had a phone interview with the client to find out more about her vision for her Twitch channel and how we could work together to best portray her personal brand. As a new streamer it was very important to develop the right personal brand in order to attract the right audience to her channel. Because of this, many of my interview questions spanned who Sputnick2354 ’s Unique Selling Point, her longterm goals, and who the members of her community would be. The accumulation of our conversation resulted in a combination of:

Genre: Horror
Passion: Retro
Audience: Inclusive

Style Guide


The font Shlop was born in 1997, a genuine relic of the era that drove Sputnick2354 towards one of her greatest passions. This easily identifiable typeface provides one clear message:

We Love Horror!

Say hello to Source Code Pro.
This variation of Source Sans was  designed specifically for coding environments. Changes have been made to differentiate similarly-structured characters for improved read-ability. 

Brand Colours

The colour scheme I chose for Sputnick2354 is inspired by the 1989 Beetlejuice carton. The aim of this colour scheme is to be whimsical yet gloomy, fun yet villainous.


Red is the most eye-catching colour, so I suggest using it sparingly.


This shade has been chosen as a highlight colour that is less aggressive than the red.


This lilac shade is associated with femininity, friendliness, and extroversion.


The darker purple shade is tied to spirituality, and mysticism within the horror theme.


This lovely snot shade is a calming colour, kind of like comic relief.


Grounding and gothic, need I say more?



The vectors I created of Sputnuck2354 were used to print Merch by the talented


I made hand-drawn emotes depicting the streamer herself, her favourite characters and other requested items such as the boombox on an iPad Pro using Procreate.